Monday, May 18, 2009

Tricia Coulson

Tricia Coulson, LeClaire, Iowa
Scraps trimmed off of quilt blocks, left over batting screen printed, cheesecloth, organza, vintage zipper and buttons.
My inspiration comes from the materials at hand. Assembling them together until I find something I like. In this case, my husband helped me put it together since I was feeling uninspired. This was the quickest piece of art I ever made.

Tricia Coulson, LeClaire, Iowa
Reclaimed drop cloth, layered with painted, plastic, recycled mesh, rusted washers and bottle caps fitted with paper, miscellaneous rusted pieces and beads.
Bricolge comes from the French word “to cobble together”. So I cobbled together all my found objects into one of my favorite shapes. Using round objects in a circular fashion seemed to fuel my obsession.


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Candle Anne said...

What an awesome use of a drop cloth! I've often looked at the various paint splatters on mine and thought that it's kinda pretty, but I never figured out what to do with it. What a great idea!