Monday, May 18, 2009

Jeanne Knudsen

Wyoming Winter Dreams
Jeanne M. Knudsen, Cody, Wyoming
Artist/ Materials Explanation: It’s been cold in Wyoming this winter. (2008-2009) I’m not a winter person. I like gardening and being in the outdoors when it is warm. So… thinking about making this piece I thought of where I would like to be, a beach, shells and flip flops came to mind and this is really just a Wyoming winter dream.
I used the tulle from the giveaway as the foam on the beach; I melted it with a heat gun to give it the foam look of beach water. Adding puff paint for sand, I puffed in some shells from a necklace I inherited from my Mom.

Beartooth Mountain Meadow
Jeanne Knudsen, Cody, Wyoming
This landscape was done from a picture I took in the Beartooth Mtns. The field was masses of flowers in all colors. Although it may not look exactly like the picture I took that day it reminds me of it.
The burgundy colored flowers were made with the tulle giveaway fabric. The yellow and pink were from my Moms fabric stash which my Dad had in a pile to send to the Good will.

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