Monday, May 18, 2009

Gillian Moss

Indian Feast
Gillian Moss, La Jolla, California
Inspiration for this small piece came from the 2nd piece of fabric from the top. The feel and the colors led me to think about India. I had scraps of hand dyed and silks. I had been working on another project with spirals so it all just came together. I used solvy to reverse appliqué as the main technique.
Fabrics from left over project that involved spirals. Fabrics that had been discontinued from a wholesale fabric dealer that were in a black trash bag waiting to be dumped. Lucky me!

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Linda Laird said...

Yo, Gillian!

How cool to find a familiar name in this exhibit! I got a bag, too, but inspiration didn't arrive.
I like your colors and spirals--congratulations on a sale!
Linda Laird