Monday, May 18, 2009

Diane K. Bird

Leaf Study
Diane K. Bird, Los Altos, California
My dog and I walk our neighborhood nearly every day. She likes the bushes while I like the leaves. I love their varied shapes, endless colors and sound they make under my feet. Techniques used are rusting, discharge, watercolor pencil and ink pen. It is machine quilted.
The background fabric was obtained through my local and were originally sheets. The pink fabric was purchased second hand at my quilt guild.

I See Spots Before My Eyes
Diane K. Bird, Los Altos, CA
I was fortunate enough to attend The International Quilt Festival in Long Beach last July where several teachers worked with Tyvek. When I got home I found a house under construction and was given their left over Tyvek. Didn't even have to dumpster dive! I've been experimenting ever since.
I layered painted Tyvek over a gathered grid of silk. I stitched it down and then used a heat gun to reveal the underlying silk.

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