Monday, May 18, 2009

Mary Nelson Zadrozny

I'm So Happy I Could Cry (Clown)
Mary Nelson, Zadrozny, Baldwinsville, NY
Inspiration for this piece started with an old clown doll of mine and a bag of old fabric pieces from the 70's I purchased at an estate sale (background). The only "new' fabric is the circus border and the blue backing/binding. Recycled clothing is used for most of the clown appliqué. Clown hair is made from the frayed edges of fabric from the washing machine. I used to throw it away, but recently started saving it and enjoy using it in my work. Embellished with buttons from estate sale. Hand appliquéd and hand quilted. Batting is eco-friendly 50% PLA fiber/50% cotton. Fabrics from estate sale, Recycled clothing, Frayed Fabric Fibers, Embellished with Buttons, Beads and Trim leftovers.

Peace When...
Mary Nelson, Zadrozny, Baldwinsville, NY
Accelerated fighting in the Middle East in past 2 weeks was on my mind when I decided to use this leftover peace sign from another project. It wasn't perfect appliqué piece so I embellished with beads to cover the flaws. The past several years of my work has been focusing on recycling items normally thrown away like a purple mesh onion bag, piece of nonskid rug backing, swatch sample of upholstery fabric (cream background) and recycled clothing, whatever I have on hand. I also try to use items like selvage edges and small trimmings instead of discarding them to reduce what goes to the landfill. Hand Appliquéd,
Beads Sewn by Hand. Written around edge of peace sign is the quote: "When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace." Jimi Hendrix
Upholstery Swatch, Recycled Clothing, Onion Bag, Discarded Peace Sign, Beads from Estate Sale, Nonskid Rug Backing Material, Selvage Edges/Small trimmed fabric pieces.

No Jacket Required, But You Will Need a Tie
Mary Nelson, Zadrozny, Baldwinsville, NY
Inspiration for this piece started with wanting to use some ties that a friend had given me years ago but I hadn't done anything with them yet. I found it challenging working with limited palette and styles (Most are blah- they belonged to conservative attorney!) All the materials used in this piece are repurposed including backing/binding, which is old pillowcase. The doily has buttons to cover a stain that made it unusable in another project. Hand Appliquéd and Hand Quilted.
Materials: Upholstery Swatch (Green Background) Recycled Clothing, Stained Doily, Ties, Old Pillowcase (backing and binding), embellished with yo-yos and trim leftover from other projects, buttons from an estate sale. Batting is eco-friendly 50% PLA fiber/50% cotton.

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