Monday, May 18, 2009

Phyllis Demuth Movius

Blue Ridge Autumn
Phyllis Demuth Movius, Fairbanks, Alaska
Real leaves collected in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina while visiting my mother were used as patterns to cut pieced fabric.
The leaves are sewed onto a piece of upholstery fabric, and the piece is covered with a black net bag that covered my Christmas ham this year.

Lone Tree in the Forest
Phyllis Demuth Movius, Fairbanks, Alaska
This small quilt began with a rusted design on a tea napkin that looked like a tree in the center surrounded by larger trees. Machine quilting enhanced these images.
The napkin—complete with embroidered flower—I used for the rusted design belonged to my mother-in-law who lived in Billings for many years. I’m sure it was used at many Bridge teas.

Denali Park Autumn

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